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Over 20 Years in the Industry

Established since 1999, Catwalk to Sidewalk, Inc. dba. Robin K. grew with a stable production system by managing 40% of the total production mainly in the U.S local site and the rest of the 60% from 7 different countries. Robin K. which owns a portfolio of multi brands – Bellatrix, Pleione, Ro&De, Ro&De Noir, Nurode by Ro&De, Konus, and Noend pulling the trigger on an ambitious growth plan that plans to brand bigger volume each year.

Robin K’s passion for creating superior products is driven by the industry-revered reputation evident in every aspect of the business. Given the vast corporate resources and with over 20 years of long-standing industry relationships, Robin K. is engaged across broad levels of manufacturing throughout the tiers of the industry, in addition to providing a wide spectrum of price points.

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Three Basic Principles That Guide Us



Best quality, competitive pricing, and short lead production times for Unique and innovative styling.



Incredibly adapt at reacting to market and consumer needs with versatile and reliable products.



Capacity to deliver within numerous segments of the market and at various price points

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Our Team


Jenny & Billy Kang

The passion and commitment bolstered by Founder and CEO, Billy and Jenny Kang continues to drive the company and it’s brands to expanding horizons and ambitious growth. An industry leader in design, development and distribution of fashion, Robin K. is renowned for its long-proven ability to build prominent fashion item driven brands on a global scale. This mission has been set forth by the founder and CEO, Billy and Jenny Kang.

Team 01


Expereinded, knowledgable in different fabrics and materials, strong sense in fashion trends and styles, detail oriented, passionate for fashion from young to missy, contemporary, streetwear, denim to premium lines.

Team 02

Pattern & Sample Maker

Excellent communication and organizational skilled teams that can oversee sample makers and cutting room tasks with the knowledge of garment construction utilizing up to date pattern programs and tools.

Team 03


Extremely organized, highly engaged problem solving skilled team with excellent follow-up and prioritization that communicate with overseas factories in fast paced environment.

Team 05


Online and offline experienced sales task force that can possess excellent written and verbal communication with tenacious, creative, driven, self-motivated with an enthusiastic personalities. Ability to work and succeed in a high paced commission based business.

Team 06

Marketing & E-Comm

Fastest growing team that are gathered with developers, operators, marketers, creators, designers, photographers, social media coordinators and more from the most experienced in online e-com and marketing.

Team 07

Warehouse & Shipping

Perform with a high degree of accuracy, delegate with clearly defined responsibility and highly motivated to achieve individual attainment.

Team 08


Admin team has strong advanced administrative, secretarial, clerical, and mathematical skills to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously.

Our Brands

#1 Selling Brand in T.B.D. & POV Nordstrom

Brand Type Year
.01 Robin K. Junior 2004
.02 Bellatrix Missy Contemporary 2008
.03 Pleione Missy 2009
.04 Ro & De Missy Contemporary 2013
.05 Ro & De noir Premium Missy 2014
.06 Konus Premium Streetwear 2015
.07 Nurode Missy Contemporary 2018
.08 Noend Denim 2018
.09 Rosetrap Streetwear 2018
.10 BlankState Streetwear 2018
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